Our Story

portrait by Joel Esposito

portrait by Joel Esposito

Our small studio is positioned in the forested hills of the Alta Langa in Piemonte, Italy. It has long been our dream to work in this quiet natural setting where the objects we create are infused with the calm beauty of our surroundings. Our story did not begin here.

In Toronto, Canada I studied industrial design and discovered the magic of ceramics with Carly Waito, my partner in Coe&Waito, a small ceramics based designer/maker studio through which we developed our skills and created our first collection in ceramics as well as several sculptural installations. After six years in business we went in our separate directions and I turned my focus to sculpture. Surrounded by an inspiring community of designers, makers and artists I learned the value of collaboration and a humble spirit and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to develop a body of work together with a few special clients. All the while living with Matias, we worked hard to build towards our dream with help from many wonderful friends.

My childhood was spent in the small towns and countryside of Canada where the intricacies of nature made a deep impression on my young mind.

After many years of planning, in January 2018, Matias and I formed a partnership and began working together full time. We have since moved our studio and life to northern Italy where we have set up in a big old stone farmhouse and are gradually becoming part of this special place.